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Digital Mindset for a paradigm shift within your enterprise. Digitalization of enterprise processes today is what the the steam machine was for industrialization a hundred years ago. 💫 | “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” To manage this paradigm shift, a humanly development is needed and supported by newest cloud-technologies. Those technologies serve you with more efficiency, lower costs and higher profitability.
💻 Cloud-Technology makes IT a game-changer. The age of digital transformation has not enabled cloud-technologies and made them inevitable. Cloud-technologies makes IT-Operations a game-changer and give you more planning security and continuity without the lack of agility. Used resources in IT operations are optimally utilized and stay fully scalable. Exact duplicability of existing infrastructures speeds up development processes. Advantages agile support of core business processes faster integration of new processes and applications better operational reliability Benefits
🔒 Data security managed simple securely. Digitalization offers many new opportunities and also some new risks. New cloud-technologies take this into account and help to minimise those risks, simplify security management and the efforts for doing so. The paradigm shift of communication from different protocols to specified services simplify security measures dramatically. New, clear structures enable more transparency and compliance to IT governance as part of corporate governance. Advantages compliance to IT-Governance minimizing risks of outside influence fast reactions in hazardous events Benefits
Every client has different requests and which we will support individually. We bring technology to the people and people to technology. Both together enable sustainable development. Cooperation with our clients have usually start from five initial situations: All NEW: concept and planning of a new infrastructure („green-field-approach “) Adaption: enhancing and optimizing the existing infrastructure Integration: connecting existing systems (e.g. Mergers & Acquisitions) Consolidation: compaction and optimization of existing infrastructure in order to reduce costs Transformation: migrating older systems on new platforms We provide consulting during design, support during setup and give advice for operating your infrastructure.