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Tag: Haproxy

I have now created a docker image and pushed it on docker hub, based on my post How to use haproxy 1.7 in openshift router openshift-origin-router-hap17 You can use this image as image parameter as described in the doc Using a Different Router Image . For example. oc adm router region-west -o yaml \ --images=me2digital/openshift-origin-router-hap17:latest \ --credentials=${ROUTER_KUBECONFIG:-$KUBECONFIG} \ --service-account=router You can contact me for any further questions and orders

The current openshift router images uses the Red Hat RPM package of haproxy. This package is maintained by Red Hat and uses haproxy 1.5 with some Red Hat patches.

You can see what’s in the package on centos git repo

It’s not bad but haproxy have now released the version 1.7.x, therefore there are several enhancements and bugfixes in the newer versions.

Changelog 1.6
Changelog 1.7