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A lot of enterprise companies have there own CA and PKI . The main issue on a own Cloud Infrastructure like kubernetes and openshift is to distribute the CA on every machine.

You can use this small snipplet on a RHEL based machine to distribute your own CA.


  • CA in pem format on the management node
  • ansible on the management node
  • ansible must be able to execute root commands

the playbook

⚠ | Please replace the THE-PATH-TO-THE-PEM.pem to the CA pem file


- hosts: all

    ANCH_DIR: /usr/share/pki/ca-trust-source/anchors

  - name: copy corporate-ca pem file
    copy: src={{ CA_PEM }} dest={{ ANCH_DIR }}

  - name: execute update-ca-trust
    command: update-ca-trust

run the playbook

ansible-playbook ca-distribute.yaml

You can finde here more Ansible Tips and Tricks

You can contact me for any further questions and orders